Faces of Fairfax


It was a Saturday morning and there was a meeting downtown.  I decided to close up my studio and attend.  The meeting was very VERY heated  and I was surprised by the intensity and anger towards those leading the informational gathering.  Comments were flying,  hecklers were shouting remarks.  I know these people.  I  know how much they do for the town.  I know the town is the way it is because of the devotion of these very people (whether we agree with their ideas or not).  

It was right then and there that I came up with the idea for this project; Faces of Fairfax. 

We all know what a wonderful town Fairfax is.  In addition to the the beauty we have here, we also have extremely committed public servants who put so much into making Fairfax what it is.  I dedicate this to all of them!


Faces of Fairfax



Easter in Fairfax

Ready, set....go!!!!

Eager kids stood impatiently waiting at the yellow tape...the line that separated them from candy-filled Easter eggs.  

I helped spread these eggs, and there was a lot of them.   Seriously!!!  

I prepared to photograph the excitement, but literally, five minutes, all the eggs were pretty much gone!!!  It was such a kick.  I forgot how fast it all goes.  Last time I attended the egg hunt was fifteen years ago with my son.  He was only two years old.    I shot as fast as I could!!!  I felt like a photo-journalist covering a protest or sporting event.  I was sweating and running and crouching to get the shots.  Serously, fastest photo shoot ever!!!!   Here are a few of the images from that day!!!

New Artist In Residence in Wonderland

When I heard about the position of Artist in Residence,  I seriously never thought I would be appointed this position.  I applied, but did not tell anyone.  I just thought I would give it a shot, but probably would not be picked.  I went to two interviews and when the decision was made that `I got the job', I sat in the car, by myself, smiling and whooping.  Imagine someone sitting alone in their car basically high-fiving themselves.  It is an understatement to say how excited I am!

I've begun working on two projects.  First, with the help of my new friend Georgia (from the Fairfax Volunteers), we are organizing a Friday night art show that will include merchants, a scavenger hunt and tons of local artisans.  More info about this event coming soon.  Second, I am working on a photo project called Faces of Fairfax, which will highlight many of the towns public servants!  

In addition to an art show and photo project, I recently had fun photographing a real live tea party with all the character in  Alice in Wonderland.  This fantastic event was put on by the Fairfax Theater Company.   Here are some photos of the absolutely amazing event.